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Government and Business Links

US Army
U.S.A. Army Homepage
US Navy
U.S.A. Navy Homepage
U.S. Airforce
U.S.A. Airforce Homepage, with info on the airforce's aircrafts
World Navies Today
Incredibly in depth information about every countries navy. x

Personal Website Links

french fleet air arm
Information on the military aircrafts of France
Special Forces Chapter 44
A great, informative military site (aircraft special)
Combat Zone
A top site about US military
Steven's military homepage
Describes and pics to all the worlds armed forces now and in WW2.

Canada's Military Site
This private website (not affiliated with Canada's government) gives info and pics on Canadian military-units, armor, guns.
World Aviation
Site about aircrafts of the world
The Ultimate Military Information Website
Pictures on modern military units
Information on the U.S. Military
In depth info on Modern U.S. military
Welcome Tankers!
Site dedicated to tanks
Karakas's Military Site
This site has many units, and specific info about ships, aircrafts, and armored vehicles. It has no pictures though