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This site has been made to give information about the Allied Military and the Russian military. This basic information will give you info about modern warfare. I will try to put as much useful information as I can on this site about units of the military. Although Russia is now a democracy, I still would like to compare the 2 types of militaries of the world. Since Russia has a fallen economy they sold their weapons to most nations that tried to improve their military powers; especially countries that the U.S. won't send weapons to.
The Allied Force generally is the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, other NATO countries, and Israel.
The Former Soviet military generally is Russia, China, and many MidEast countries that the Western Powers don't send military technology to.
7-3-00: Added the News Section; redesigned site; added Military Message Board; added Abrams info and Challenger info. Took out a couple links, changed picture of the Mirage 2000. Made the link color blue and visited link color red all around the site.

This site could not have been made without the info I got from ABC News or the Military Channel.
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